Active Ingredient Target Crops Features
Oxaziclomefone(MY-100) Rice / Cereal / Soybean / Corn / Turf Excellent and long lasting efficacy against Echinochloa species in paddy fields.
Unique mode of action with good efficacy to resistant grassy weeds.
Tefuryltrione (AVH-301) Rice 4-HPPD inhibitor with excellent efficacy to broad leaf weeds including SU resistant.
Cyclopyrimorate(SW-065) Rice Excellent efficacy to broad leaf weeds, especially by mixing with 4-HPPD inhibitor.


Active Ingredient Target Crops Features
Methidathion Fruits / Veg Steady effect to scale insect and longicorn.
Dicloromezotiaz (ZI-2901) Fruits / Veg New insecticide which shows excellent efficacy to Lepidoptera, Phyllotreta striolata (striped flea beetle) etc. including those developed resistance against other insecticides.


Active Ingredient Target Crops Features
Triforine Flowers / Veg / Rice Steady efficacy to Rust and Powdery mildew with little crop injury. Famous for household horticulture fungicide.

Soil Fumigant

Active Ingredient Target Crops Features
Metam Sodium Veg / Fruits / Flowers / Forestry NOT categorized as “toxic substance” hence easy to use. Have registration for withering of old stubs after harvesting in greenhouse.